Petwin is an app designed for animal shelters, pet seekers and pet owners. My team partnered with Austin Pet Alive and Austin Animal Center and we spent 11 weeks to finish this project from research to design.


Petwin is an app that helps animal shelters to better communicate with people who are seeking pets and pet adopters. In Petwin, users can stay on top of shelters’ events, pets and training resources. Moreover, users can adopt or foster pets seamlessly in Petwin with visibility of progress without anxiety.

Design Outcome

“An all-in-one platform for people to adopt pets and get assistance from shelters easily and…

AI Design Thinking Exercises

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AI Design Thinking Exercises Screenshot

Here’s the link to Mural board: (Provided by Jennifer Sukis)

AI Design Thinking Exercises provides a chance to walk through whole the design process of AI related product step by step. From kick-off to present, the whole process takes about 13.5 hours. As a student who is a rookie to AI design field, this exercise serves as a guide to help me catch the scope and direction in long process. Here is the section that I really like about this exercise.

Prioritize intents + ethics, bias, privacy

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Prioritize intents + ethics, bias, privacy for frankLIN

Ethics, bias and privacy are three common issues that AI face nowadays. AI has to face these issues inevitably. Thus, as a good designer, we have to put these issues in mind and keep remind us to be cautious. The chart allows us prioritize our intents and also let us keep an eye on the potential issues that lay under our design. Once we are aware of these issues from the very beginning of our design, we are able to come up with better solutions to them. …

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Photo by Andre Mouton

At most of time humans are easily to forget the importance of empathy. Without doubt, everyone is bias because we live our own life. Every day you wake up at your place, go to your work, have your meal. Even though you did those stuffs with someone else, your feeling would between very different. Humans are individual and everyone would have their own journey of life. We have built our personalities and perspective forward to value through out our daily life. It is a unique and lonely trip that no one have done it before. …

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Photo by Alice Achterho

As a UI/UX designer right now, I believe that one day I would have to design experience for both AI and human. Before I jump to that, let’s see what kinds of responsibility of designer should undertake today.

From Nina Wei’s So, you want to be an AI designer, she mentioned that her work wasn’t as cool as everyone thought because the ultimate goal of AI is to provide certain of products or services to human. Thus, her job was still design products or services for human. AI was just a tool which included in their work as a tool or assistance. For this perspective, designers do not need lots of background knowledge in AI. …

How our life would be with AI all around us?

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Woman covered by a blindfold from Oscar Keys

Nowadays, people make tons of wild guesses about future AI. Some regard AI as the end of human civilization, others treat AI as a Savior, still others believe that we are still far away from making a powerful AI. No matter which side you stand for, we all admit that the trend of AI comes makes people feel both excited and anxious about future.

As an AI researcher and writer, Eliezer Yudkowsky, said,

By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it. …

Better or worser? Human or machine?

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Drop the ball by Ben Konfrst

Imagined that one day when you wake up, you don’t have to do anything then you will get whatever you want such as breakfast, wormhole building 101, how to migrate to Mars and so on. You may be confused that who would do this for you except your mom. I believe 100 years later, when I am 124 years old, AI would do this for us in real life and even more. However, there would be tons of amazing advantages but also horrible downsides. Here’s some of my thought!

Optimistic speaking:

  1. AI and robots would replace most of manual labors. It doesn’t mean that human no longer have to work. It means that rather than spending time and effort on driving or farming, humans focus on more valuable and creative stuff. For example, invention, technology and art. …


Eric Chi

A UX designer, developer, Lornhorn alum! Check my portfolio to learn more about me:

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